• Maritime Salvage
  • Underwater photography and video for in water surveys
  • Refloating
  • Hull Cleaning with hydraulic tools.
  • Assistances
  • Gauge thickness
  • Professional diving operations
  • Floating and mobile cranes
  • Pollution control in emergency oil spill and dangerous goods
  • Support using tug boats, pontoons and crafts
  • Collection and skimming of oil surfaces
  • Pumping and great drains with submersible, diesel and gasoline pumps .
  • Underwater explosives
  • Special dredging
  • Under water projects and designs
  • Mud treatment
  • Mounting and maintenance of underwater and surface installations
  • Under water cutting and welding


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Latest Work

PF  1

Refloating “PLATA FEEDER”

Container Vessel collisioned at the Emilio Mitre Channel by a Panamax vessel during crossing, producing significant damage to the hull flooding its Cargo Hold completely. The Vessel’s Captain grounded her in the Channel’s contour where...

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Media Gallery

Here you will find a variety of images and videos of the works performed by Raúl A. Negro and Cia...

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  • YPF
  • Aluar
  • Hamburg Sud
  • B&W