About Us


Carlos Luis Paz

Chairman of Raúl A. Negro y Cía.  Salvage Master. He is one of the leading technical figures of RN and the local market. He started his career 30 years ago when he initiated as a diver and mechanical engineer at the company. He is a specialist in comercial underwater explosives and ship salvage. For 20 years he’s been designing and directing all kinds of maritime salvage and diving operations.

He’s the current Chairman of CABUSA  (Chamber of Argentine Salvage and Diving Companies)

I believe there’s no impossible job. Everything is a matter of having the knowledge, the right human resources and equipment and prepare the mix to carry it out. That’s my challenge everyday.

Alberto Eduardo Rodrigo

Director of Raúl A. Negro y Cía. Business Manager, with more that 33 years of experience in the comercial area of the maritime salvage and diving market in Argentina. Since 1996 he has developed at RN the perfect interaction between the client and the company, cultivating a personalized customer service and a full dedication to reach the client’s satisfaction.

He currently performs as treasurer of CABUSA.

We can always do it better and with more friendliness, just let us prove it.

Mision, vision and values


Leading the market of maritime salvage and diving  in the Mercosur region is our mision because we believe we must grow within the needs of our clients, offering the quality service required by the circunstances.
We lead the path because we know where we need to go.


We believe in the potential of the regional growth and the development of our current and future clients. We trust our ability to lead it.
Because the market needs us.
Because we know how and we want to do it.
Because we’ve been working and growing for more than 50 years and we have the background to prove it.


  • Attention
  • Solution
  • Quality
  • Confidence
  • Development
  • Dedication
  • Commitment