Company History

Raúl A. Negro

Born in Buenos Aires in January 25th of 1925, Raul Alfredo Negro began his career as a diver working in the old Department of Public Works since 1949, passing through the Fluvial Fleet of the Argentinian State and several salvage companies of the Argentinian market.

In 1959 he started his personal  enterprise founding Raul A. Negro S.R.L Salvage and Diving Company, refloating the B/A “VIZCAÍNO” in Dock Sud Port, beginning a long list of more than 100 assistances and salvages of ships from all nationalities along the waterway Paraná/Paraguay, Río de la Plata, and Mar Argentino.

When our founder died, the company went on commanded by the family until 1994, moment in which, anticipating the market changes as a consequence of the technological evolution and the competitiveness  of  the services  it offers, RN incorporated new professionals of great experience, improving its technical and operative capacity.

In 1996 the last member of the Negro family retired from the business, passing the entire company to the hands of Alberto Eduardo Rodrigo, Nestor Ruben Toledo and Carlos Luis Paz, who led the company relaunching and repositioning it in the Argentine market, achieving a strong leadership in the area.

Founder of RN Salvage and Diving

In December 2006 the Salvage Master Nestor Ruben Toledo retires from the society, leaving the property and direction of the company in hands of the actual Board of Directors, Mr. Paz and Mr. Rodrigo.

In order to improve the logistics and the service that we offer to our clients, from 2008 we count with the Operating Base Barranqueras, located at 4556 Lestani St, 200mts away from Barranqueras port, Province of Chaco.