Our Works

Refloating “PLATA FEEDER”

Container Vessel collisioned at the Emilio Mitre Channel by a Panamax vessel during crossing, producing significant damage to the hull flooding its Cargo Hold completely. The Vessel’s Captain grounded her in the Channel’s contour where she sank. The containers in sound condition were lightered, the damages were sealed and the Vessel refloated and assisted until her final discharge and dry...

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Refloating Pushed Tug “ESPIRITU PARAGUAYO”

Sank in 1078 km of Rio Parana, near Bella Vista, Corrientes after colliding with a bottom. The fuel oil spill from its tanks was contained and it was reflated by sealing 7 damage and cracks in the hull with assistance of the Floating Crane “HERCULES” once it was afloat it was repaired and escorted until the kmt 375 Pueblo Esther...

Removal of ship wreck at Port of Mar del Plata

Work over B/P “MAPUCHE” began with the implementation of the Hot Tap for the extraction of the fuel inside its tanks. This work is developed in the context of the contract of  UTE EMEPA S.A. RAUL A. NEGRO & Cia S.A with Mar del Plata Port Consortium for the removal of ship wreck at Port of Mar del Plata.    


Sunk at the Coopertiva Agrícola de Ramallo pier, at the Paraná River. Refloated with the assistance of the Floating Crane “HERCULES” and “ISABEL” Tug. The operation required the sealing of all the water intake due to the damages in the hull, in order to deliver the vessel at the location required by the client, floating by its own means.